A land of breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife, and endless plains – this is the Masai Mara National Reserve named for the Masai people who inhabit the area, and for the Mara river which flows through the great reserve.

Masai People doing a warrior dance

One of the latest addition to the Seven Wonders of the world, situated Southwest of Kenya, covering an area of 1510 square km, the Masai Mara is home to an excellent year round concentration of game and is renowned for its animal visit by two millions animals that make up the Great Migration. Situated one kilometer from the reserve located on 6,000 acres of private conservancy is place that will take you back to the 1920s era feel, a authentic feel of the unique era when the word “SAFARI” became indelibly imprinted on the imagination of the adventurer, past and modern – this is Cottar’s 1920 Camp.

Cottar's 1920 Camp

Sitting in an extensive and exclusive concession between the Masai Mara, Serengeti and Loliondo reserves, in an area which has  been untouched by any kind of tourism and development, each tent is covered in rich warm colours and texture recalling a moment of luxury safari to new heights.

The camp has ten tents in total; Cottar’s ensures that the tents are quiet and private whether you are travelling with your family or on your honeymoon. A lovely addition to the camp is the Cottar’s Homestead, a private home designed by the Cottar family. The home has breathtaking views on the savannah plains where guests can enjoy the annual wildebeest migration. Cottar’s Private Homestead is rented on exclusive basis and comes with a dedicated staff of eight people.

The camp has two main areas for fine dining, relaxing and reading. Additionally there is a beautiful pool surrounded by the views of breathtaking nature and a spa where guests can relax after a game drive. Visitors can also enjoy a safari bath or safari shower, set up in the savannah to enjoy an extremely unique way of bathing outdoors.

Cottar's 1920 Bathing

During your stay at Cottar’s you will visit both inside the Masai Mara reserve and outside the reserve, which can take everyday of your stay morning, evening or all day game drives. Cottar’s believe that every wildlife viewing is a proprietary experience and therefore a private and special event.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp. Kenya-passion4luxury-3

Cottars also do walking safaris to show you the more detailed insect, plant, bird life and also track big game. This is a very exciting experience. Having the Masai people around them you can have access to their cultural events in the village (circumcisions, wedding etc) which are fascinating, as well as doing the Masai warrior school where you will actually be taken through a course on how to throw spears and shoot bow and arrows the Masai way, as well as to learn how to light a fire and use medicinal plants. You will just be ingrained into the Masai culture.

Experience the Cottar’s 1920 Safari, one that will live with you forever.

Cottar's 1920 Camp

Cottar's 1920 Camp

Cottar's 1920 Camp

Cottar's 1920 Bathroom

Cottar's 1920 tent

Cottar's 1920 bedroom

Cottar's Dinning Area

Cottar's 1920 pool

Cottar's 1920 dinner

Cottar's 1920 Bathing

Cottars 1920 Camp website: http://www.cottars.com/

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