Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. As Karen Blixen once said, ‘going on safari and experiencing the African bush makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne – bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.’ Whether you’re looking for lions in the endless savannah plains or watching the spectacle of the wildebeest migration that’s all you need for Kenya to take hold of you, and even after 100 safari’s you still wont be able to tear your eyes away from the magnificent horizon.

Africa comes wild, but the wild can also be experienced without sacrificing an inch of comfort in Kenya’s luxurious lodges and camps whose standards and facilities are equal to any world class city hotel. Here’s my pick of the 5 Best Bedrooms in the midst of the Kenyan bush.

Segera Retreat

Located on the grasslands of the Laikipia Plateau, with Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west each large en – suite bedroom has a private sun deck with sun loungers, a swing bed and a Jacuzzi bath.

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Sirikoi House

Located on private land in the Laikipia area, it is surrounded by the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in a beautiful area of rolling plains, acacia forests, swamps and rivers. The rooms are luxurious and stylish while being in the African bush with the blend of colors and textured materials to create a unique atmosphere.

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Sasaab Lodge

Situated above the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River, in the heart of Samburu land offering inspiring views of the Laikipia Plateau towards Mount Kenya, the Morrocan styled rooms have Egyptian cotton sheets and four poster beds. Each room extends out to the verandah and a private plunge pool with views over looking the river and wildlife below.

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Cottars Homestead

The house has breathtaking view onto the savannah plains that carry the great annual wildebeest migration, and it set amidst a backdrop of the Olderikesi Hills. The house was hand built by hand using indigenous and eco – friendly materials. For those wanting absolute privacy in the Masai Mara, combined with discreet staff and abundance of wildlife, Cottars offers real luxury to discerning guests.

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Sirai House

Located at the foot of snow-capped Mount Kenya in the private Borana Ranch Conservancy. Built by local craftsmen with local materials it has an absolute true sense of architecture. The house is the epitome of luxury. The suites are designed to make sure guest find something to suit them.

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Sweet dreams, this is where elegance meets luxury in the bush.

The selection has been based on my personal research and not on personal visits to the mentioned locations.