“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”

On 26th January, I created a social media post by adding a strong quote about Africa to a captivating image, the picture was taken by photographer Niels van Gijn at the Loisaba Conservancy.

They Call It Africa, I Call It Home

                                                                                           They Call It Africa, I Call It Home


A couple of hours after posting the picture, #DiscoveringKenya’s Facebook and Instagram pages were exploding with tremendous engagement – the best thing about it all was having hundreds of people from all over the world commenting on their love for Kenya and there was nothing I wanted more than to share the lovely comments with everyone.

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Betsy Brandt: Stunning beautiful place. With wonderful God loving people.

Sarah Boniface: Wonderful country full of wonderful people.

Georgiana Necula: I’ve been living here for the past 6 years and I gotta tell you Kenya has become my second home. My job has brought me here and honestly speaking i’ve seen the most amazing and beautiful places i could ever see.From exotic breath taking beaches,to wild safaris,flamingos,swimming with the dolphins,amazing reef of Indian Ocean,beautiful and wild Massai Mara,cool and chill Naivasha and Nakuru..heaven on earth in Diani..and the list can continue..Definetly i call it home 

Amin Md Fahimul: I call it beauty.

Camren Musat: I love Kenya.

Naomi King:  I was in Kenya last August in the Mara and I also fell madly in love with Kenya such a beautiful and amazing country, the Massai were very welcoming and showed me around their village and their way of life, absolutely amazing place, Asante Kenya.

Emmely Sweatman Carazo: Grew up in Africa. Spent time in Nairobi and several other places. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Miss it daily. There’s something about it that gets “in your soul.” If you haven’t been and get the chance to go – DO SO!!! You’ll never regret it.

Dave Resenau: For 14 years it was my home. Even though it has been many years since I was last there, Kenya will always be My Home. I will never forget!

Peter Lambros: My visit to the Serengeti and Masai Mara were only ten days , but those ten days are like a treasure in my heart . Africa is calling me back.

Peter Carole Holmes: Kenya. We love you, our children loved you, we awoke in the mornings to the sight of snow capped Mt Kent, hope our grand children have the joy of visiting you someday soon.. We would love to return…

Julie Spurway:  Kenya is the most beautiful place I have ever been to, hoping to visit again this year.

Maureen Scanlan: Never was a truer statement. Africa is my heart. I grew up in Kenya and all I wish for is my next trip there.

Tori Rhode Coughan: My bucket list to come visit Kenya, my soul has always longed for Kenya.

Read more of the beautiful comments here on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow the photographer of the picture on Instagram @silverless.

And this is why I will always #LOVEKENYA