Kenya is a land of incredible diversity, with glaciers in the equator, dense forests, endless savannahs and bush country, lakes that stretches as far as the eye can see, deserts, mountains and miles of beautiful beaches – this is the original safari country and there is nothing like it anywhere else.

Karen Blixen said “there is something about a safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne – bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.” When you imagine a Kenyan safari, your mind drifts to the Masai Mara, driving across the endless savannahs experiencing the abundant wildlife but away from the bush country are Kenya’s beautiful beaches which offer ‘Ocean Safari’.

Andi van Zyl has always been fascinated by Kenya, born in South Africa she grew up reading novels and watching documentaries about Kenya. After university, Andi had the opportunity to start filming a few short independent documentaries. After a series of events she moved to Europe and started working at Nautical Channel.


Nautical Channel is the only network in the world that has dedicated 24 hours to water sports and is aired in forty two countries and in four languages.

Andi pitched the Ocean Safari concept to the channel and they were immediately on board. Her aim is to promote Kenya as a safe, world class water sports destination and thus began her mission to discover five locations.


Ocean Safari is a five part series set in Kenya and hosted by Andi van Zyl. Andi is on a mission to 5 different locations in Kenya to meet people who have chosen water as a way of life. Once reaching her destination she challenges these charismatic water experts to teach her their skills, something she requires in order to explore and unlock the secrets of her destinations. She only has three days to complete her task and failure is a lurking risk that sometimes gets the better of her.


EPISODE 1: Kayak Sagana

Airing 30th May 9pm

Andi is on a mission to discover the Tana River, Kenya’s longest river with a unique rapid system. In order to truly experience this region of the Tana Andi has to learn to navigate the waters on a kayak. She tracks down river expert and professional Kayaker Kris Collyer and challenges him to learn his skill in three days. Andi is tested when she almost drowns trying to complete her mission.


EPISODE 2: Sailing Kilifi

6th June 9pm

Andi is on a mission to discover the Kilifi Creek, a diverse marine ecosystem. Andi will need to learn to sail in three days in order to truly experience the creek. Andi goes 3 Degrees South to meet Kevin, local sailor who patiently teaches Andi the skills she needs in 3 days. A true local experience is waiting if she can complete her mission.


EPISODE 3: Kitesurfing Watamu

13 June 9pm

Andi is on a mission to Kenya’s wild coastline to the Watamu region. This Marine reserve is a incredibly unique and in order for her to truly experience it Andi has to learn to kite surf in three days. Andi tracks down Tribe Watersports and Ben Kelliher who will guide her through a crash course in kitesurfing. If she can do it in the allocated time, Ben has an incredible prize waiting for her.


EPISODE 4: Conservation Watamu

20th June 9pm

Andi is back in the Watamu Marine Reserve but this time on a new mission, to save the endangered sea turtle. Andi spends three days at the Local Ocean Trust with Marine Biologist Casper van der Geer. If Andi can learn the importance of sea turtles in the marine ecosystem and the vital skills needed to protect them, she may have the opportunity to release a turtle back into the wild.



EPISODE 5: Dhow sailing – Lamu

27th June 9pm

Andi is on a mission to Lamu, the ancient Arabic town. Andi is about to discover what dhow culture means to the people of Kenya. She spends three days with the incredible Ali Lamu, dhow builder and carpenter who is trying to save the lost art of dhow building. A unique experience will reveal many secrets of the location and the lost art.


Ocean Safari Official Promo from NAUTICAL CHANNEL on Vimeo.