Kenya is where the concept of safari began, with vast savannah plains, scorched deserts, snow capped mountains, highlands and equatorial forests – this is the land of safari.

Almost 32 years ago Sydney Pollack’s 1985 Oscar winning classic ‘Out of Africa’ made the world fall in love with Kenya. Based on a true story, Meryl Streep plays Karen Blixen a Danish coffee plantation owner who has a passionate love affair with a free spirited big game hunter played by Robert Redford. Who can forget those steamy scenes from the movie, from the slipper bath and the outdoor shower -that flick has ignited a passion for a Kenyan safari for many.

My list of the best outdoor bathtubs in Kenya will give you a touch of the ‘Out of Africa’ scenes. So get your loved ones swooning and soak yourselves into one of these extremely fascinating tubs overlooking miles and miles of magical untouched beauty.

  1. Segera Retreat

Located in Kenya’s Lakipia Plateau. Set on a cattle ranch, owner Jochen Zeitz has created something that offers much more than just wildlife spotting. There are eight villas which accommodate either two or four people each. Five of the villas have outdoor bathtubs where you can enjoy a relaxing moment watching zebras and gazelles galloping across the savannah plains.


  1. Elsa Kopje

Named one of Kenya’s most beautiful retreats, the lodge is located in Meru National Park. Elsa Kopje has three honeymoon suites, two of the suites have outdoor bathtubs that overlook the vast plains of Meru National Park.


  1. Kilima Camp

Meaning ‘little hill’ in Swahili, Kilima Camp is located on the western border of the Masai Mara situated on the edge of the Ololo escarpment. The camp has a private spa with two large baths that you can relax in with open views of the Mara river and plains from the top of the escarpment.


  1. The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille

Located in Northen Kenya’s Laikipia region. The lodge caters as a great place to have a relaxing retreat. Perched on the flanks of a wooded rocky hill in a private conservancy the sanctuary has a collection of four private villas. The Eyrie is a place of romance, it is a romantic bolthole, the room is round with a round bed with endless views. There is sunken bathtub in the rocks often with eagles flying above.



  1. Cottars 1920 Camp

Located on its  own 6,000 acre conservancy the camp was established by Calvin and Louis Cottar. Cottars has ten tents in total and the decor is purely an ‘Out of Africa’ theme. They offer an epic outdoor bath time reminiscent of Africa’s explorer days. A bath that is simple and basic but the views are something to treasure.



Note: All images belong to the listed locations.