Happy New Year, I wish you all a beautiful and magical 2018. My year pretty much starts this week as I write this, I have been on a R&R vacation which I totally needed after a super hectic 2017. It’s also been a long time since I’ve posted on here and as part of my 2018 goals, I will try my best to be more consistent and spend more time on this space sharing beautiful travel stories across my beautiful country Kenya, and maybe even Africa. I’ve got a couple of posts to complete from last year, and that’s where I am going to kick off from.”

In November of 2017, I finally got a chance to visit Lake Elmenteita in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. The lake sits on Soysambu Conservancy, the conservancy stretches on 48,000 acres of savannah and acacia woodland and was created to conserve the flora, fauna and scenery of Soysambu Ranch. Soysambu means “the place of striated rock” in Maasai. Sambu is also the Maasai name for a cattle colour. In 1905, the land was bought by Lord Delamere, he fell in love with it when he walked across it in 1896 when he walked into Kenya from Somalia by foot. Soysambu remains a farming and cattle ranch with some of the best Boran cattle in Kenya. The fifth Baron, today’s Lord Delamere still farms on Soysambu with his grandsons.

During my three day adventure at Soysambu Conservancy, I stayed at the enchantingly beautiful Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp located along the shoreline of flamingo and pelican fringed Lake Elmenteita. The camp, a part of the Serena Group of Hotels consists of 24 luxury tented camps and one spectacular honeymoon suite. Each tent has a magnificently unique view of the lakes sapphire blue waters congregated by a wide number of bird species, you’ll also find zebras, buffalos, waterbucks, thompson gazelles and grant gazzelles grazing along the shorelines of the lake, if you’re lucky enough you’ll find them  visiting the waterhole right in front of the mass tent –  a beautiful view for your eyes. The tents are elegantly furnished with a colonial touch, the feeling of comfort arouses when you walk in. Peaceful, romantic and relaxing are three words I can use to describe Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp. It’s a perfect weekend gateway if you want to get out of the city and just spend some time in a pretty location that makes you feel like you are surrounded by nothing but beauty.

My trip was all about the experiences, which I was totally blown away by. I am surely booking myself another trip there just to spend more time around camp relaxing. Now, let me take you on this adventure with me.

Riding along serenity

I love riding, and this was one of the best horse riding experiences I have had. Riding into the lake and conservancy surrounded by Zebras and gazelles was just dazzling.

Night and day game drive’s

The camp offers night and day game drives. The area is dominated by grazing animals with zebra and buffalo’s being the biggest contributor to the biomass (after cattle). Three mammal species of conservation concern inhabit the estate. These include the rothschild’s giraffe, leopard, and colobus guereza monkey. The Estate is home to a population of around 90 rothschild’s giraffe, thus responsible for more than 10% of the world’s remaining wild population of this endangered species. The rothschild’s giraffe is threatened by hybridisation (interbreeding) with other giraffe subspecies.

A night drive is a special experience if you can spot an aardvark, an African spring hare (jack rabbit) or even a leopard. Hares are common sightings; if you are lucky, you might catch a civet or serval hunting these rabbit-like creatures. Genet’s can sometimes be seen running up a tree as they are caught in your headlights and mongooses will stand frozen momentarily before they disappear into the darkness. Porcupines can also sometimes be seen, a mass of black and white quills that shiver in the moonlight.

What a fabulous Picnic

After a day game drive, a stunning picnic on the conservancy facing the lake awaits you. No better way to stop and relax after a long drive trying to spot wildlife.

The dreamy sundowner 

Lovers, this ones for you. Watch the sunset on the horizon across the lake and the savannah while you sit on the top a cliff.

A breakfast location like no other

Experience a scrumptious breakfast by the shores of the lake. Just so marvellous!

Keep active at camp

While at camp, you can enjoy a game of archery and a yoga session by the pool.

There’s more

The camp includes a lovely pool and spa which guests can enjoy during their stay.

You can now get a virtual reality of this experience right here…

How to get there…

Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp is 136KM from Nairobi city, approximately a 2 hours drive.

For more details please on the camp, contact Carlos Mangoa: CMangoa@serena.co.ke.

Till next time…