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Introducing Discovering Kenya 2.0 - Discovering Kenya

Introducing Discovering Kenya 2.0

August 3, 2018

First of all, I’m super happy to have the opportunity to keep the Discovering Kenya blog alive. As some of you might know, the blog has been silent for a while (we’re only human after all) and I thought the best way to make a comeback is with a complete overhaul and relaunch. So here we are…

I’m Sidney. I’m passionate about writing, editing, traveling and all things related Kenya. If you want to learn more about me, drop me a line and we’ll chat!

For a while I thought about what I’d want the theme for this blog to be. Discovering Kenya has always been about showcasing bespoke travel experiences in Kenya through breathtaking photography and great storytelling – a great way of opening up Kenya to the world.

But in the process of designing this new website I thought about how I can create a more diverse environment within this platform. A place where I’m not just sharing my views and perceptions of certain topics but where we have a wide array of opinions, viewpoints and perspectives. Despite the many social aspects of traveling, I think at its root it is something very personal as it can deeply affect and sometimes permanently change your way of thinking and your way of looking at the world. I think learning about everyone’s personal Kenyan journey is something that would be a great benefit to all of our readers. 

I therefore want to open up this platform to everyone who has an interesting story to tell!

In diversity of thought lies great strength and value. Being exposed many different perspectives is probably one of the best ways to educate yourself on any given topic just because it makes it able to truly form an individualized opinion about said topic and will also make you able to empathize with the given story teller – which means you’ll therefore get a better understanding of the situations they were in as well as how they felt throughout.

This is why I want to invite everyone who has an interesting story to tell to share it amongst the community. With over 22k followers on Instagram and over 8.5k likes on Facebook, your voice will definitely be heard and is bound to resonate with people who share similar interests as yourself. We are all willing to learn more about Kenya and if you have something you think people need to know, I wholeheartedly urge you to contribute and be an official author of this blog.

One major way to get to know Kenya is through travel. There are many different aspects of travel and tourism one can be passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you love a luxurious travel experience, a backpacking adventure, sustainable tourism, culinary tourism, these are all topics that should be included in this blog. I’d also like to encourage not just travelers, but also locals, expats/immigrants to share their Kenya story. Having lived here myself for a long time, I still see myself learning new things about Kenya every now and then just from interacting with my daily environment. So if you happen to have grown up here, been here for work for the last couple of months/years or if you just enjoyed a short-term adventure – welcome to the community!

Another thing I’m aiming to include is a greater variety of the type of content we post. As this blog will primarily focus on articles and blog posts, I’d also like to feature podcasts, videos and other forms of content. I understand that everyone has a different content preference and I want to make sure to keep you engaged and provide you with as much value as possible.

For all loyal DK community members I’m immensely grateful you’ve stuck around for this long and if you’re new, I’m hoping you will stick around for a long time to come! If you happen to have a story you want to share, simply have a look at the “Contribute” tab to see the guidelines. I look forward to sharing your unique Kenya experience.





Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Sid and welcome to Discovering Kenya. This blog simply aims to share educational, inspiring and breathtaking travel and life stories from all around Kenya. Having lived here on and off for almost 9 years I wanted to create this platform where not just my views, but also yours have the opportunity to be heard. I want this blog to be a melting pot of ideas and perspectives where each reader should leave smarter than when they came. If you want to share your story feel free to check out our contribution guidelines.