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Making Waves: In Conversation with Susan Wong @susanluckywong - Discovering Kenya

Making Waves: In Conversation with Susan Wong @susanluckywong

August 10, 2018

Susan is a super interesting character. She currently works as the editor of Capital Lifestyle, a magazine within the Capital FM framework. When I initially hit her up over email and asked her if she’d be up for an interview she kindly invited us over to the Capital Fm offices. From my about 45 min conversation with her I could instantly tell that she’s a person who is incredibly open to new cultures and experiences and takes joy in sharing these in her articles or Youtube videos. In this podcast we talk about how she ended up in Nairobi and what she loves doing in the city. We also tackle common misconceptions/stereotypes that most people have about Africa and how you can make the most out of our Kenya experience.

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