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From Beach to Savanna - A Typical Itinerary & Unforgettable Journey
Amboseli Maasai Mara Mombasa Tsavo

Beach to Savanna – A Typical Itinerary & Unforgettable Journey

August 30, 2018

This year we decided to turn our vacation also into an adventure. After a ton of research, we decided to visit Kenya because we love animals and would like to observe them in the great outdoors. A safari has long been at the top of my bucket list! Another reason we decided for Kenya was the possibility that you could combine the safari experience very well with a beach holiday. We thought that two days before and a few days after a beautiful thrilling safari with so many impressions about the land and wildlife of Africa, a few days at the beach would provide us with the perfect balance!

Kenya has the well-known, beautiful Diani Beach, where at the most southern point you’ll find a small island, about 500m away from the mainland. On this island is a very nice, cozy resort, The Sands at Chale Island with private and dreamy beach. We thought that would be just right for us, as we will surely find peace and relaxation. When we arrived at the resort we were thrilled! A wonderful hotel in a dream location on the Indian Ocean, surrounded by jungle and mangrove forest and with warm hosts and staff. The first few days we weren’t able to completely relax, simply because our immense excitement for the safari ahead. On the third day, the time has finally come! We were picked up on time and off we went in a rustic jeep and a very sympathetic driver who always responded to our every request.

Our first destination was Tsavo East National Park. As we drove into the park, we immediately saw the magic of Kenya, the vast expanse of the country and the breathtaking colors, the streets glowing orange-red and framed by green plants, and radiant blue sky. It took less than a minute and we encountered the first elephant herd! What a breathtaking experience it is to see these majestic animals up close and personal as well as in their natural habitat. It was followed by other wonderful sightings of various animals such as buffalos, wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and even a pack of lions that were just about to devour one of the before mentioned buffalos.

After this wonderful experience we arrived in the first of the three lodges we would be staying at. We were staying in a large comfortable tent with a pool and an incredible view of the national park. At breakfast, a huge herd of buffalos and a herd of elephants came right past our tent. A breathtaking experience! Unfortunately, we had to leave Tsavo East to go onto the next stage of our safari. As excited as we were to follow our next adventure, we actually wanted to stay another night. Our recommendation would be to stay in a lodge, two or three nights consecutively, to give yourself more time to truly enjoy and take in all that Tsavo East has to offer!

Our tour took us through the beautiful land of the Masai, at the foot of the mighty Kilimanjaro to the Amboseli National Park. Kilimanjaro shines most beautifully both at sunrise and sunset. From my point of view, the elephants in the Amboseli National Park are even bigger and more imposing compared to the ones at Tsavo East. At the wonderful lodge, our group of Maasai warriors visited us whom we sang and danced with, which was one of the highlights for me!

Our next destination was Tsavo West National Park, and right from the get go we experienced something incredible! When we turned a corner, a giant giraffe suddenly stood in the middle of the road. She ate a few leaves from the treetop. Luckily neither her nor us were affected by each others presence and she just kept on eating. Another highlight was the pack of lions we encountered. Even they were not bothered by our presence, which seemed to be norm in the national park. One of the drivers actually drove the jeep directly in front of the lions. Only then they rose once for a quick moment so we could see them in full splendour!

We arrived at our third camp where the food and service was amazing! You could almost compare it to a five star hotel right in the middle of the bush. Another reason we were very excited was because the camp is in the wild without any fences or boundaries. To get into the room in the evening, we were always accompanied by a Masai just in case a lion or an elephant wanted to greet us at our way back from dinner. In the room itself there was an alarm bell and whistle for safety reasons, which added another sense of adventure to the experience. In front of our tent arrived a herd of zebras, which we clearly heard throughout the night. The next morning we left the Mara and went back to Chale Island.

We can highly recommend such a safari in Kenya. The national parks all had their own charm and for us the most beautiful trip with the most animals was at Tsavo East national park. Our entire itinerary has worked perfectly for us, which I would highly recommend to everyone who wants to experience Kenya in its full glory!

Despite the many beautiful experiences, after a 1300 km trip through Kenya, we were now looking forward to a few days of doing nothing on the beach at the wonderful Indian Ocean. Kenya touched my heart!