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Contribution Guidelines - Discovering Kenya

Contribution Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Discovering Kenya. We’re super excited to be able to share the story of your Kenya experience. We welcome good quality articles and photographic posts from writers and photographers. In return we can offer exposure for your writing and a link back to a personal blog and/or social media pages. Please note we only accept guest posts from genuine travel writers, if you are a commercial company or an agency representing a commercial company please refer to our Contacts page to make an enquiry.


Who can be a contributor?

Everyone who has an interesting story to tell about Kenya. If you are a traveler, local, expat/immigrant, whoever. This club is open for everyone. The more diversity we have in contributors, the more we can learn from each other. Contributors are not bound to a long-term commitment, so whether you’d like to be a one-time-only guest author or a regular contributor, we’re good with either.


What kind of writing style are we looking for?

That’s completely up to you. We understand that every person has a unique writing style and instead of making the writing process harder through unnecessary style guides, we pretty much like when you let your creative juices flow. Just remember to be authentic, honest and factually accurate (we will possibly undertake our own fact check if necessary).

Our small group of editors will have a look at your submitted article, but we will do our best to change as little as possible.

The ideal length of the article should be between 600-1000 words, however we’re happy to look at longer and even shorter pieces too, especially when they are photographic posts.  A great story is about strength, not length. Also, every breathtaking article should include breathtaking photography so we’d therefore ask you to include a few awesome shots.


What makes a good story and how can I be a contributor?

Discovering Kenya is more than just a simple travel blog. Stories should of course be useful and educational to our readers, but the most important part is to be able to be authentic and genuine in the content that you’re sharing. We want to know about you, how you felt during your travels, what inspired you, what challenged you, what you learned, if you had any doubts about coming to Kenya and whether your perception of Kenya and maybe Africa has changed for the better (or worse) etc.

To submit an article please send us an email with the following:


Please note: We work very hard to bring you the very best stories of Kenya. We therefore like to politely ask any other websites or publications to not duplicate our content without prior permission of Discovering Kenya.